Athletic Requirements and Eligibility

Coaches Emails

Students are required to have these forms completed before being allowed to participate:

1. Middle School Sports Physical
2. JCPS Sports Safety Video

Barret Traditional Middle School and the Jefferson County Public Schools believe that all student athletes should be successful in the classroom.  Therefore, all students who participate in school-sponsored activities must remain academically eligible according to Barret and district guidelines. 

Barret TMS eligibility:

Barret Athletic Eligibility - Academics and Behavior

Grades for probationary students will be checked after 3 weeks to determine if the student has met the standards to regain eligibility.
We use the same grades you see on student/parent portal to determine eligibility. This allows both the school, student and family the ability to ensure that we are accurately making progress towards success in the classroom.  Grades are calculated in accordance with KHSAA guidelines and are cumulative (meaning they are an average of the entire year)
Students are only allowed one probationary period per semester. Therefore this student already had a probationary period and will then be suspended from practice and games.
A student on probation is allowed to continue to practice and play However, the probationary period serves as a 3 week warning that if the posted cumulative grades do not raise to above a C average they will be suspended from practice and playing in games.
Students on suspension cannot practice or play in any games. They may attend games as part of the team if they choose. Our hope is that students will spend their period of suspension improving grades/behavior to regain eligibility.
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