President: Keri Walls
Vice President: Mandy Lesshafft
2nd Vice President (membership): Brittany Fears
3rd Vice President (fundraising): Jessica Carr 
4th Vice President (volunteer coordinator): Victoria Asikoye
Treasurer: TBD
Secretary: Lacey Eckels
There is no need to provide the school with a note. It may be helpful to have your child carry a note just in case your child forgets or gets nervous.
This is a 2-step process.

Step1: Visit to look up your students new bus information.

Step 2: Please download and complete this form.    The completed form will then be turned into the office.
The JCPS Bus Finder application only provides parents with one bus from each depot. The application does not plan for the number of students riding through the depot. At Barret, we have such large numbers of students riding through the depots that we have multiple buses delivering students to school.   

We assign students to a specific bus based upon the neighborhood bus that delivers the student to the depot or brings the student home.   These assignments can be found on this form.   We ask that you assist in communicating this with your student.
We do not allow students to switch buses from their assigned buses due to overcrowding on a number of Barret buses. You will need to make other arrangements for your athlete.
We do not allow our students to switch buses due to overcrowding on a number of Barret buses. Please try to make transportation arrangements with the other family.
Please make sure that your child knows their transportation plans prior to the start of the school day. If you call us to change your child’s transportation plan, we will call the student to the office at the end of the school day but cannot guarantee that your child will get the message. We cannot take changes after 1 pm. We will not interrupt classes to notify your child of a change. This can be disruptive to the educational process for other children.
Due to overcrowding on a number of the Barret buses we do not sign notes for students to switch buses to ride to a friend's house. If your child is wanting to go to a friend's house after school please make arrangements with the other parent to pick the children up as car riders.
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